Loup Blanc Videos

To be able to watch these videos, you must have Real Player. You can download it from www.real.com (look carefully at the bottom of the page : this is where you can download the FREE version from !)

Blues sur Seine Video, 11-20-2000 : a Mike Lécuyer video (website Bleu Blanc Blues shot at the Blues Sur Seine festival contest where Roland won the Fondation de La Poste special award for his excellent french lyrics.

+ an extract from the contest final jam : Roland can be seen and heard singing "Casser le P'tit Cochon" with Roland Tchakounté, Patrick Verbeke, Xavier Pillac on guitar, Benoît Felten on harmonica and lots of other people ! The White Wolf in a devil's blues with a hell of a band !

Blues TV video on Canalweb : on 07/11/2000, Roland Malines was Blues TV's guest. Meet Roland in Canalweb studio ! (Roland's appearance starts from minute 11:41 (click the button "Play Real" ou "Play Windows Media", and try to get to 11'41…or just wait for him to show up!)

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