Roland Malines

*** Winner of the Fondation de la Poste " Best Blues in French " award at the Blues sur Seine Festival, 2000 ***
*** Nominated at the Trophees France Blues 2000 in the "Acoustic Blues " category ***

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""The Country Blues of a Lone Wolf""

Roland Malines Marseille, in the South of France. So sunny, full of perfumes, the crossroad of all mediterranean cultures. Our own Deep South, to us, french people.

Our Delta too, the Rhone river's Delta. This is where Roland picked up the guitar and started playing, while still in his teens. Over 30 years have gone seeing him play both electric and acoustic blues, rock & roll, folk, a lot of jazz and even some pop music, to eventually end up playing fingerpicking style. This virtuoso kind of playing usually practiced by american East Coast bluesmen, mostly in the state of Piemont. Just as love at first sight, he decided to commit himself to this passion, never denying Delta Blues either and other technics such as slide guitar that he sometimes likes to play. Is it because of the Mediterranean mildness ? Still Roland's blues shows such serenity and nonchalance that one can't help thinking of someone like Mississippi John Hurt. In his first CD, he pays his dues to his illustrious predecessors.

Etienne Guillermond (Travel in Blues)

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